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Senin, 31 Agustus 2009

Lesson Learned

Why was Snow White given an apple with poison?
To show that some people just pretend to be kind to you for a hidden agenda. Looks can be deceiving.

Why did Cinderella run away when the clock turned 12?
To remind us that everything has its limitation, even dreams.

Why did Ariel decide to exchange her tail for feet?
To show that anyone will try to lose anything just to be happy.

There's Gotta Be Someone For Everyone.

We are all searching for someone, that special person who will provide us what's missing in our lives. Someone who can offer companionship, or assistance, or security. And sometimes if we search very hard we can find someone who provides us with all three. Yes, we're all searching for someone. And if we can't find them, we can only pray that they find us.

Minggu, 30 Agustus 2009

Love and other Things.

My only relief is to sleep. When i’m sleeping, i’m not sad, i’m not angry, i’m not lonely, i’m nothing.

But you're the only reason i love losing sleep.

And this feeling I get in my stomach when I think about you,
I don’t ever want to lose that.

No question marks, no exclamation points! and no "buts."
I love you, flaws and all. Bottom line. No questions asked.

I love what you are, and what you do and how you try. I've seen your kindness and your strength that carries you through. I've seen the best of you. I've seen the worst of you. And I understand with perfect clarity exactly what you are. And i love you.

There's nothing more valuable than having someone in your life that reminds you of who you are.


Here’s to the notes lost in the washer, to the memories washed away. Here’s to never forgetting. Here’s to being young and never wanting to grow up. Here’s to waking up next to the one you love. Here’s to believing every lie people ever told you. Here’s to those that just need someone to sleep next to. Here’s to change, both good and bad. Here’s to missing people you care about. Here’s to moving on. Here’s to feeling infinite. Here’s to all the wishes at 11:11, hoping one day they’ll come true. Here’s to remembering old friends. Here’s to all the words we never said, and to the ones we choke on. Here’s to holding your breath in that one perfect moment. Here’s to the ones who were on top of the world but fell off. Here’s to every tear you’ve wasted on people who never cared. Here’s to trying to be perfect even when you know its not possible. Here’s to finding him, and holding on tight. Here’s to the nights spent living for the moment. Here’s to speaking the most honest words you’ve ever spoken in your life. Here’s to those who fall in love in their dreams. Here’s to not knowing, and not wanting to know. Here’s to those who wonder where love starts. Here’s to serendipity… even if it doesn’t last. Here’s to the girls who fall too fast… and know it. Here’s to the songs that make you feel like nothing hurts. Here’s to the ones who bend over backwards to be loved, but aren’t. Here’s to everyone who has ever cried themselves to sleep. Here’s to those nights where you just can’t sleep. Here’s to every word they said to you replaying, over and over. Here’s to leaping before you look. Here’s to the times I wish I had said no. Here’s to the times I’m glad I said yes. Here’s to that tingly butterfly feeling you get when he’s around. Here’s to the nights when feelings change, for better or worse. Here’s to the first kisses. Here’s to those who survived to become stronger, better people. Here’s to life, as hard as it may be, and picking yourself up when you’ve fallen down.

Vintageism Dress.

Hey everyone :)
i was browsing over stuff online and i stunned at this beautiful vintage maxi dress on one of those online shop at facebook. The price is very good, so i bought it :)
The owner of the shop said that she will send the dress at monday, so i think it's gonna be here by wednesday, or even thursday.

So how do you think about the dress?

On The Holly Month.

Happy fasting everyone!

On this holy month, i still couldn't got the chance to see my family. It's kinda sad u know, because i miss them A LOT!. So everytime i get invited to have a breakfasting in my grandparents' boyfriend, i feel very jealous to see the warmth of their family. I REALY MISS MY FAMILY!


Jumat, 28 Agustus 2009

a Bit About Me.

i am missing my besties soo much ;-(
they're the best girlfriends that God's ever give to me.
  • Jessica Sylvia Anastasia Gaspersz
  • Wiwi Indah Rukmana
  • Gayatri Sumantri
well, i don't know but our friendship is kinda reminds me of 'Sex and The City' movies.

Where we have the cute and innocent one like Wiwi, an easy going down to earth Miranda that resembles echie so much, the sexy hot Samantha that everytime i see her i always laughing about how Dhedhe would do the excact thing. And finally, there was me. Carrie the thinker.

Why Carrie?
well, i also love to write-eventhough this is my first time blogging, and i also love fashion; bags, shoes, dress, you name it!
And also, me too, have always had this man. The man that you could always run to. My very own Mr. Big.

"There's always that one guy that you will always go back to. Even though you date other people in between, you are always in the back of your mind hoping to run into that guy." -Lauren Conrad

Kamis, 27 Agustus 2009

Simple Vows.

Derek: I wanna be with you forever, and you wanna be with me forever. In order to do that we need to make vows. A commitment. A contract. Give me a piece of paper.
Meredith: I don't! I... I... I don't. I have post its!
(takes the post its and a pen) Ok. What do we wanna promise each other?
That you'll love me... even when you hate me.
To love each other, even when we hate each other. (writes it down) No running. Ever! (Mer smiles and comes and sits in front of him) Nobody walks out. No matter what happens.
No running.
(writes it down) What else?
That we'll take care of each other, even when we're old, and smelly, and senile. And... if I get Alzheimer's and forget you...
Derek: I will remind you who I am, every day. To take care when old, senile, and smelly (writes it down) This is forever. (signs it) Sign.
Meredith: This is our wedding. A post it? (smiles)
Mhmmm. If you sign it.
(signs it, and hands it back. Has tears in her eyes) Now what?
Now I kiss the bride. (They kiss)
(smiling) Married.
Derek: (smiling) Married. (sticks their post it in Mer's locker) You see that? (Mer nods and smiles) Plenty of time.