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Selasa, 01 September 2009

I Love My Bestfriend.

Wiwi Indah Rukmana
What i love the most about you, is your innocent personality that could make me laugh even in my bitter days. The Accidental twin dress that always happen when we go to campus daily together. And also your caring ability to accept my hideous personality. I Love You xoxo. Thank You for always be there for me.

Jessica Sylvia Anastasia Gaspersz
I Love your honesty, straightforward and easy going personality. I Love your taste in fashion, your kinky style, and ur newest gossip. Eventhough i really couldn't understand your craving to animal print ;p
But I Love You Chiechie. Beside your Lovelife problem ;p You will always have me around. xoxo

Gayatri Sumantri
You always know how to cheer me up when my world is falling upside down. Your complexity yet the sillyness in you always made my day. You have a charming, fun, and a bubbly personality that kinda comforting during my lowest point :)
Thank You for trusting me to be Your friend. xoxo


DiamondHurts mengatakan...

you and your girls are so beautiful..., lovely smile tooo :)

Priska Paramita mengatakan...

aaaawww.. that's so sweet of you oi :)
thank youuu..

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